A Broken Valentine. 

Thinking of her

Wandering across places unheard of,

Feeling thoughtful, albeit only with her around,

A passionate love affair the only thing raging in his mind.

Wrapped neatly inside some silk,

He wrote about why she was of the same ilk.

Yes, those were the words that she wanted to hear

But alas, not from the man standing near.
And thus,  the words turned to stone,

Feelings twisted ten fold,

The old fear of old

Made him shiver, once again, in the cold.
If only he wasn’t that strong in his pursuit of love,
And was flitting around with hope, just, a little fleetingly,

He would not have gone through

Such a heartbreaking way to bid adieu.
Because real life became a comedy

And love just another short melody

For all that was left on the day,

Was a Broken Valentine,

Now far, far away.
-Anirudh Bhagavatula.

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