P.S I LOVE YOU- An overview.

It is more than what Gerry writes at the end of his envelopes.

It isn’t easy to lose your loved ones and move on in life. It isn’t impossible either. But, the aim isn’t to grieve about what had happened, it’s all about celebrating what future has to bring. Moving on shouldn’t be a public activity. No person will ever move on listening to other’s rubbish when the actual part is to be done by you.

Holly’s character will always be a part of what might come to us in the distant future, hopefully with a little stroke. Her character though was never into anything and was always grumpy and cowardly. She hid behind the love of her life all her life. Her feelings were to sacred to be kept aside compared to what is going on in her friend’s lives. She decided to move on only because her late Gerry wanted her to. Being brave was never her thing. In the simplest situations she had the most awkward problems. Parties , clubs , work all resulted in more tears and fears. She had been a bore about her feelings and rubbed them into her friends too. When she at last accepted her fate and decided to act mature, it really was a miracle.

Over and all , the story carries out the worries of the most sensitive people and is not more than a onetime read. Her part carried out the view of what people can become after their worst time and yes.. she conducted it in her own way.

-Sai Pranavi

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