Google Trends – Stay in the Loop

The Internet might be your playground. You might claim to know about all there is to it. But be assured, the simple amount of data being uploaded every second is too large for any person to even take a glance at a single thing. So here comes the Million doallar question, how do you stay in the loop when you take a tour of the internet? The answer is simple. Google Trends.

All of us are familliar with search engines. Google is the search client most of us use when we are browsing the internet. Google does a simple thing in order to improve our browsing experience. It stores the topic of our search, with respect to the time of search, region and language. This data is then used to create a massive encyclopedia of search terms used over a large period of time.

All his information has been made public by Google in form of Google Trends. It is a magnificent application of search engine optimization (SEO) together with the data bank of Google. 

So, how does it work? You simply log into Google Trends, check into your position or switch the GPS on, and you are good to go. Google Trends will present you with the trending topics according to genre, your region and the time you wish. 

The data representation is graphical in nature with search frequency on the vertical axis & time on the horizontal axis. It allows you to easily enterpret the trending topics across the globe. The site design and the graphics are eye catching and easy to use.

Google Trends is a useful tool for those who wish to be in sync with happenings across the world. On the other hand, many questions have been raised about Google collecting search engine data as a threat to privacy. But despite of the accusations, Google Trends is successfully flourishing. 

Use it as you like.

-Gyan Akarsh

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