Dekho Nayi Dilli ke Naye Rang ko!

Now, you guys must be thinking like, damn, yet another article about New Delhi. Same old clichés then? Nah. Not gonna abide by those. 

I’m not gonna even mention something about the Red Fort, Qutub Minar and all the monuments that definitely make me feel proud, since I’m a Delhiite.
Huff, I had to get that out of the way.
So, I am gonna talk of the places that people would probably want to relate to. For example, the fact that Delhi is a cosmopolitan city, not thaaat far off from NY, London etc. Yup, contemporary design which exudes class. And some things (read: dirt cheap stuff) that makes us uniquely subcontinental. So, five quirky places that best sum up the vibes of Delhi.

1.The India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road

Delhiites need no introduction to this place. Cutting edge design, and powered entirely by solar power, it is an architectural wonder and is host to many events that keep taking place at regular intervals. Book Launch events and the Penguin India Book fair take place here, and also myriad types of performances, art exhibitions and also music shows.

Such a happening place and so damn contemporary. Along with a nice eatery too. Who outside India would’ve thought?

2. Nehru Place.

This is the technology peripherals hubin India probably, along with Lamington Road in Mumbai.

Easily accessible by the Delhi Metro and also situated in the heart of South Delhi, probably one of the poshest areas in Delhi, it’s an oddball, considering the spectacular prices. Name that software you so wanted, and the guy who was reeling names of dozens off his list will quote a price that will leave you with an expression akin to how we looked after watching Inception; absolutely dumbstruck. That cheap. And lots of wholesale dealers are on hand too, who are ready to get your hands on the latest smartphones and laptops in probably the same range as that on an e-commerce portal(or less).

The one thing though, is the fact that we have to be wary of some fake goods here and there. Hence, a proper bill and a half decent salesman won’t do bad. When you go back to your home place, make sure that your friends give you the same look that you gave to the salesman when buying that pair of headphones.

3. Gaffar Market


Notorious to say the least, this market will leave our pockets still heavy and our appetites too, satiated.
Known for since smuggled goods(Shh!), it’s an absolute treat for a shopper, as you would everything ranging from tempered screen guards to Ray-Ban fakes which look more authentic than the original, for a pittance.
For example, I got the tempered screen guard for my phone, oh-so-necessary in today’s life, for waitforit….30 Rupees. Yessirr. 30. Roughly, 0.45 US dollars. Well. How about that for a deal?
And the food. Man. The incredible dollops of butter on a Naan, the Indian equivalent of a.. pancake, and the Paneer Tikka. And also yes, Butter Chicken and all the good bits about food also are omnipresent trends here. So go, take a peek.

4. Akshardham Temple

Time to get a li’l traditional, in a modern way.

The Akshardham Temple is a sprawling temple complex which has an area of 8021 Sq m, promises to be a visual delight, as it was worked on by 11,000 artisans and inaugurated in 2005. Situated on the banks of the Yamuna River, it is lavish, expansive and also very well maintained.

The deity worshipped is Swaminarayan, and there are also activities for tourists enlightening them about the history of ancient India and the Swaminarayan sect, in a very informative and an eye appealing way, through an artificial boat ride, a short movie et al.

Visit for an enthralling experience. Who said spiritual sites can’t be fun?

5. Hauz Khas Village

Now, now, don’t frown. Looking for some great nightlife? This is it then. The Hauz Khas Village. Definitely not for the price conscious, and located in the upmarket suburb of Hauz Khas, HKV as it is referred to, is known for the many, many restaurants, hookah bars and nightclubs that dot its streets. For the Quintessential Socialite, this is the best place for socializing, and promises a great experience of dining a little and getting tipsier as the night goes by.

This is where, you can relax, take some time out, and chill with your mates, for thy nightlife to hit the roof.

There you go. Delhi’s Cosmopolitan Culture along with a sprinkling of Indian masala, topped off with inexpensively brilliant places.

Anirudh Bhagavatula. 

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