Why are Modern Relationships so Fragile? 

A chance meeting at a mutual friend’s party, numbers exchanged, spending weekends together, flooding social media accounts with mushy quotes and pictures, watching movies and partying into the night, physical intimacy, an argument, a fight, a clash of egos, back to cursing relationships…

Sounds like a movie plot, doesn’t it? But that’s what has become of many of our modern day relationships. 

It’s not love but excitement we are looking for. It’s not about someone who understands our needs and makes the boring, mundane, predictable times seem beautiful or a life partner with whom we can make lasting memories. We want instant gratification and someone that makes our life thrilling immediately. And when relationships no longer give us the adventure we crave, we move onto the next one.

Have we forgotten to love unconditionally or there’s no room for it in our fast-paced contemporary lives? We want all the material things money can buy and form relationships based on convenience. We desire the emotional connection, the sense of belonging, the deep knowledge of each other, and other perks of a mature relationship right away but are unable to understand that all of that comes for a price – our time. 

Busy chasing our dreams and ambitions, neither do we have the space nor the patience needed to develop lasting relationships. We’re afraid that it might hold us back and prevent our career goals from becoming reality.

While, on the contrary, love only motivates you to do better in life and become a better person. No matter how tall a tree grows, its roots keep it firmly grounded and prevent it from falling. Long lasting relationships are the anchor our lives need. The faster we understand this, the better.

Sukriti Tiwari

One thought on “Why are Modern Relationships so Fragile? 

  1. Love only when you are ready and not just when you need to be loved and then finally breaking someone else’s heart who is ready to love.


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