The. Trashy. Dove.

It has logically been every sane person’s nightmare. A purple bird flapping the hell out of us.
Well, coming to social networks, nothing caught the fancy of the online world than the Trashy Dove, which was the name christened by its creator, Syd Weiler.

Wait, I just gave out the name of the person who created it. *Shots Fired*.

It was uploaded in October 2016 by this developer who probably just wanted to trash her friends’ news feeds. But ended up trashing Facebook instead. Hmm.

So, how did it get famous? A famous Facebook page hailing from Thailand decided to take this ‘bird’ up as part of an animal fight video.

That was that. It. Went. Viral. Within the next two days, our news feeds got flooded, the usually creative comments box decided to go ‘purple’ and make us insanely mad for no reason.

And for those who like this phenomenon, please, while the feeling for the rest of us is to trash your accounts in the bin too, it’s an earnest request for you to stop using it. Stop.

Not cool. Even the creator apologized. So, make the world feel some empathy for pigeons again. Poor birds.

Anirudh Bhagavatula

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