Calm Places



Excitement ,  giggling , adventure , sweat …..  not your type of travelling is it? Then here’s something that will blow your mind off. We often hear about the coolest places to travel, the must see once-in-a-life-time types  but what about  the calmest places?  Yeah .. where to escape the noise ?where to spend time with yourself ? Where to relax ? Here’s some list just for you.



Getting to Namibia involves a lot of travel but the payoff is worth it : The Hoanib Skeleton Coast camp  is the desired destination . Desert adapted rhinos, elephants linger near the site . The spacious camp, fire-warmed common area and  the luxury safari tent is all you need for the peaceful you time. Engineers… Time for some wild dose !!





Do not freak out ! Its just a name.. The scenario differs ! Hut made of wood and earth setup in the middle of a spruce forest straight out of Endor. Spend your days napping , hiking or paddling nearby waterways. Writers !!  Guess I hit the Bull’s eye !






Hola !! South Carolina .. here we come ! Gorgeous Beaches , mesmerising sunset , warm sand .. Where else to go for heaven ? Just You , Your thoughts and wide-open white sand for miles .. Where else for the perfectly Bored Bankers .. !







A morning spent at this carriage house outside Bozeman , Montana  does give you good vibes. Fire up the professional range, swing open the French doors , and have a leisurely breakfast.  Frustrated Bussinessmen .. Hop in the wagon and get going ..!!



Just Remember … The final choice is still on you !

Sai Pranavi

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