Doctors turning evil?

How many of you blindly trust your doctor? Almost each one of us does so. But as it is said, one should not always judge a book by its cover; likewise all doctors shouldn’t be trusted merely by their degrees.

First of all, it’s a very well known fact that the availability of medical seats are limited in India. So under such situations, there is always a cut-throat competition among the candidates. Having a constant fear of not qualifying and grabbing a seat for themselves; these candidates sometimes adopt unfair methods by which they somehow manage to enter into the Medical World. But being academically weak, they could hardly cope up with their academic pressure. As a result of which they end-up joining some nursing homes where they aren’t paid well and this leads to a time where most of them start making money by misguiding and cheating on their patients.

These unethical doctors collaborate with some pharmacological units and they suggest unnecessary medicines to the innocent patients so as to grab more and more money from them. There are also cases where doctors steal the patient’s body organs to sell them to a needy who is ready to pay them high.

In most of the research-oriented institutes where they need to research on a particular drug effect on human body, they illegally inject the disease-causing factors into human blood under the name of vaccination in order to fulfil their own selfish requirements. As a result of which these poor & innocent people end-up possessing such fatal diseases which are incurable. There are also cases where new-born foetus are carried away from their parents (by lying of their babies death) and brought up for the purpose of research and studies in research labs. There are also similar cases where doctors have cheated their patients under the name of treatment. For instance- researchers at the Willowbrook State School infected retarded children with hepatitis to test gamma globulin and in 1963, elderly patients at the Brooklyn Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital were infected with live cancer cells to see if they caused tumors. The American public health doctors deliberately infected nearly 700 Guatemalans- prison inmates, mental patients and soldiers with venereal diseases in what was meant as an effort to test the effectiveness of penicillin.

It’s not a case with medical practitioners to use unfair means & misguide patients but it’s a bitter fact that a large no. of medical professional have become very unethical in the modern world. Even the incompetent doctors are recruited at high salary but under condition that they have to make money for the hospital in manifold manner.

Hence, instead of blindly trusting the doctors under fear & pressure especially for some major and immediate treatments such as transplantations and surgery, it is always advisable to go for a 2nd opinion and to visit other trusted hospitals to conclude about the severity of their ailments. In this way, people can avoid unnecessary wastage of time and money and also their health degradation to a greater extent. 

Even the Governments should make strict policies so as to avoid such unethical issues where LIFE SAVERS TURN UP INTO LIFE DESTROYERS.

– Tanisha Gupta

2 thoughts on “Doctors turning evil?

  1. Nice article…..i liked the way u started and ending was also good…..the language was easy to understand.


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