Dear Single Ladies.

You might call it an infatuation, you might also ask me to stop fooling around,

But ma’am, have you ever looked into our eyes, felt what we are going through?

The lonely nights, the deserted minds. The hopeless dreams, the ticking laser beams.

 Of course you can’t right, its just my eyes, not some creepy deep haunted well.

Nights? Of course not lonely, we love being alone, something like the guy-code.

And minds, definitely you ain’t the dictator anymore.

We grew up, so did our minds.

We don’t know if Romeo was too stubborn to jump out of nowhere and fall into the puddle of love. Maybe it wasn’t a tragedy after all.

Or maybe Ranjha was too troubled in his own relationship.

See, love isn’t about being with someone the whole time.

You ask for a good guy and finally fall for the bad one.

You ask for being independent, and end up calling us for all your little things.

You try to be way to normal, even when you are not, and trust me, it ain’t that hideous.

And crap! Your hormones, just makes our day.

Why do need us when you are really doing good , in fact extreme good being alone.

Why trouble us the whole eternity, with your strange shitty chit chats.

Often we have wondered what the real definition of crazy is!

Why do we no longer run for own happiness, instead like being stuck in your life’s path holes.

Why do we no longer stop at being friends!

It’s not that our heart will go on forever, or maybe thinking out loud would make us more sane.

Neither it is about us being trouble. I know right! Taylor’s song is truly running in your boozed heads …o_0

Its all about we are never ever getting back together.

Well, not exactly. We can and still remain Miley’s version of True Friends.

So, this valentine, instead of finding a new ‘bakra’, find a true friend,

Who’s gonna be by your side forever.

Test yourself, are you truly capable of resisting yourself from all the short timed cuddly moments?

Try doing it.

-Parveen Sultana

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