Do you really exist?

You might be a Billionaire, the leader of a country, the faith of a million people. You might be famous, rich and powerful. You might have family, friends, happiness and a ‘perfect’ life. But is that really, worth something? Do you really exist?

It might not be an easy question for many of us. The first thing that you think when you hear ‘existence’ is related to either ‘life’ or ‘survival’ as most people do. But let’s do something very small which can help us understanding the meaning of ‘existence’. Concentrate and try to imagine your past years of life, and put it all in one sentence. How would you put it? Can you do so?

  It’s not possible for a lot of us yet again. So, try to think about the present and the past, the rate at which the past has gone by. Think about the shear enormity of the amount of time which has already been spent out of your life. If you can compare that to what little fraction of your time you live in the present, then you’ll know what your existence is.


People do not exist in the same way. Every single one of us has some different idea about the reason why we exist. But it can’t be ignored that despite earning everything and becoming as ‘perfect’ as we can, the significance of our existence remains unworthy of notice.

Out of the Billions of people who have walked the Earth, how many are remembered? How many of them put up an existence that has not yet been filed away by the torrent of time? That’s what ‘existing’ is all about.

We have been awarded very short amount of time to do all we can while we live our life. So, every time you come across a thought that your life is perfect, you can drive yourselves forward by asking yourselves one single question.

“Do you really exist?”

-Gyan Akarsh

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