Why are so many engineers moving to non-engineering fields?

With over 2000 engineering colleges in India alone, it is no surprise that engineering is probably the most opted field in the country. The only issue with having so many colleges is having that much more competition. Don’t get me wrong, competition is a good thing, it churns out the best in the field, but the question lies what happens to the rest of them?

With so many “engineers” coming out every year, offering each and every one of them an engineering job is obviously a difficult. This is obviously one of the driving forces in these engineers picking alternative careers for themselves. Besides the engineering degree itself is a pretty diverse on which involves mind bending and problem solving skills which is an absolute necessity in any field for that matter.


These alternative careers could either be something they were passionate about even before engineering, something that they thought of during their course or even something that they are taking up because of the lack of roles after engineering.

4 years is a long time, and with the current boom of start-ups, a lot of engineers are pushing themselves towards entrepreneurship and management.

People often ask why did you waste the 4 years in engineering if you wanted to do something different, well the way I look at it is, these 4 years give people the time to understand exactly what they want to achieve in their lives and set their plans straight.

So the question after engineering is now “To B.E, or not to B.E” – an engineer.

Views of an engineering student, looking to move into marketing and sales! 🙂
Wanna share yours?

-Abhijit Krishna Menon

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