Budget 2k17, The Education Sector!

We’ve all been through the regret of spending a little too recklessly at the very beginning of the month, when our money bags have been freshly refilled, and made a mental note at the end to be thrifty in the future. While this seems like a never ending cycle for us students, our county’s government cannot afford to miscalculate the proper distribution of resources among the various sectors upon which our economy stands. So here’s a breakdown of how funds have been allocated to the education sector in the 2017 Budget, which has a direct effect on us.

This could well go down as the most historic budget seen by our generation because – One, unification of the Railway budget with the Union budget, and two, the stability of the economy depended on this budget as demonetisation had disrupted it’s balance.

The highlight of the education budget was the proposition of launching an online course portal named ‘Swayam’ to enable students to access the best study material anywhere and anytime. Apart from this, the finance minister has promised to create jobs in the textile and tourism sector and layed greater emphasis on skill development of the youth. A National Testing Agency will be set up to conduct competitive exams like JEE and AIPMT, freeing up CBSE and AICTE, allowing them to focus solely on academics. The goverment has been generous with funds for secondary education, in a bid to improve gender parity, quality of teaching and ensure universal access.

In a nutshell, the Modi government has initiated ample projects and campaigns to promote literacy and hence employment in the country. Whether they will yield the desired results, is a question only time can answer.

Sukriti Tiwari

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