5 destinations to check off your wanderlust list this June.

June is quite possibly the most exciting time of the year to be students. It is,  of course,  the time for vacations and most often vacation brings out the wanderlust in people. So to quench that wanderlust here is a list of places I have made mostly from personal experience and some from that of a few friends of mine. Go ahead, start packing.


Probably not one of the most heard of tourist destinations in India but this small beach town in Kerala,  is gaining popularity with each passing year.

This is the perfect destination for people looking to get sun-tanned while not getting your pockets burnt at exotic beach locations.

Image result for varkala

How do you get here?

-> You have regular trains from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala that is well connected to all major cities in India.


It must be quite surprising seeing Egypt here given that it’s the peak of summer there. But from my experience, summer is probably the best time to get a cruise through The river Nile, majestically flowing through Egypt. Apart from the obvious and rich historical background, Egypt offers a modern amalgamation and some spectacular natural beauty to soothe thy eye.

How do you get here?

-> Flights to Cairo from almost any part of the world.


History is your cup of tea? Then so is this town of Hampi. With amazing architecture and a nightlife beyond traditional view, Hampi advertises itself as the perfect blend of the curiosity of the past generation and the high-spirited living of the present.

Being only a few hours away from Goa makes it all the better.

Image result for hampi

How do you get here?

The nearest airport is Hubli, it is a couple of hours of driving from there. All worth it though.


Set in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, Nepal is one of the less frequented places on the world map. Nepal offers its amazing weather in the month of June and it’s rich cultural diversity to its visitors.

With amazing sights to behold and challenges at every stop for a trekking fanatic, Nepal if probably the place you’re going to have to check off your world map.

(Also it is dirty cheap, which makes you enjoy your time even more)Image result for nepal wallpaper

How do you get there?

-> Flights to Kathmandu are easily available from most major airports.


Renowned writer Mark Twain once exclaimed, “Mauritius was made first and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius.”.  This is something that I completely vouch for after having spent my last summer in this gem of a place.

Being in the southern hemisphere, Mauritius experiences it’s winter during the month of June. Which means, if you love beaches and water but are not a huge fan of the sun then you probably wouldn’t find a better place to be.

How do you get there?

Most major airports now connect Port Louis to the rest of the world. For Indians, there are now direct flights from Mumbai, Chennai,  and Bengaluru.

-Abhijit Krishna Menon

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