An Epilogue to 2016!

Year 2016 was full of unpredictable happenings. 
Here are few lines to conclude it and embark on a new zestful journey.

So the year began with a breakup,
Breakup between Iran and Saudi
Was Angelina-Pitt less rowdy?
Drug lord J Guzman was recaptured,
Then Zika virus took on,
Came the sad moments,
Bowie David, Glenn Frey and Alan Rickman were all gone.
North Korea launches rocket, jolts space-stations
Have you ever heard about the Ecumencial Declaration?!
In valleys of Alabama, she bid her goodbye,
Harper lee, your mockingbird will forever fly.
March was disastrous, two bombing followed,
Brussels, Belgium and then suicide bomb in Lahore.
We do need Exomars, ’cause countries in this world,
Are turning into board of Darts!
1994, Ceasefire breached,
USA, are you freaked?
PANAMA PAPERS LEAK. That was loud,
Also our very own Prince, was dead found. 
Sad day, Flight 804 crashed.
Hissene Harber sentenced, for being inhumanly rash.
It was astonishing to see such debacle,
Leicester City FC won, it was a miracle.
Almost took decades,
Gotthard base tunnel finally opened,
Great M. Ali passed away, the world was stunned.
And hey UK, you seriously thought,
Brexit referendum was just for fun?
Juno reaches Jupiter, Solar Impulse 2 completes turn around,
Loss to France, PM Rocard down.
This year noticed a woman’s rise,
Mrs Clinton was nominated, unaware of coming nosedive!
GO, also checkout the Nine-Dash line, you naive.
M Phelps, U Bolt & PV Sindhu,
Rio’16 was fun,
How many medals did INDIA won?
Global CO2 exceeds 400 ppm,
We had a pen, we had an apple, PPAP.
Paris Climate Agreement was signed,
But then came 2 blast off,
Space X explodes & North Korea,
With Nuclear test blurts F**k Off.
Last four months left,
We thought the horror will end,
Emails & obscene videos,
Made Hillary-Trump war more Stupend.
Demise of Leonard Cohen,
Rise of Donald Trump,
Demonetization in INDIA,
We weren’t wrong, seemed,
It was all about to end!
Then came the saddest month of all,
Carrie Fisher, Richard Adams & John Glenn passed away,
Tupolev TU- 154, debris was all over the bay.
RUSSIA was shot, Andrey K dead,
You know Putin, nothing can be said.

Wanna know something good out of all this mess?
Ebola virus vaccine was a 70% success.
Dylan won the Literature Nobel,
Di Caprio won the Oscar at last,
Pokemon GO was a total blast!

2017 is here,
A new book with 365 blank pages,
And we start this year,
By accepting Mannequin challenges!


-Shivendra Saxena

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