The Syrian crisis step by step.

Step 1 :The rise of Assad
It all started with the inhumane dictatorship of the Bashar-al Assad. His unruly ways and horrible laws lead to an uprising. An uprising which led to the formation of a separatist organisation called the rebels.
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Step 2 :– The formation of the rebels

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Once the rebels were formed, Assad’s regime involved trying to cut them at their base by continuous strikes. One of those strikes involved a chemical weapon being deployed on the people of Syria. This caused The United States of America to get involved.(Because Duh!)

Step 3 :- The interference of The United States of America

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The USA started sending funds and forces to Syria to counter Assad’s forces but meanwhile due to an internal disagreement within the rebels, there was a formation of a new Separatist group. The one with the name ISIS(The Islamic state or Iraq and Syria).

Step 4 :- The formation of The ISIS

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The formation of the ISIS did not make The USA happy. Now not only were they sending supplies to battle Assad. They decided to fund the rebels even more but for one cause which was to battle Assad.

Now with all this internal politics, the Assad’s regime was getting weaker. The involvement of The USA meant that Russia also started getting involved. Russia started to fund Assad just because USA were against him.

The ISIS meanwhile started receiving their funding from the gulf nations who were also funding the rebels at the same time. The issue had moved from a civil war to a religious one. Where Jews and Islam were the main proprietors.

Result :- Continued civil war

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-Abhijit Krishna Menon

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