Ever wondered who’s behind those hearing devices, the neck breaking implants, the mighty imaging machines or maybe the life saving pacemakers?Some medical machines you will be guessing I suppose.

Okay !

What about their research, innovation, manufacturing, maintenance and sales ?

Wokiess! The Medical Device Professionals of course.

The Biomedical Industry does not only deal with the Medical Instruments however, it is also comprised of the Pharmaceutical Part, the Diagnostic and the Biotech too.

The sector is related to the pharmaceuticals industry in so far as pharmaceuticals is also dedicated to the treatment of human beings. A wider linkage is to other products and services of the health-care market, such as the supply of hospitals and ambulant health services. Moreover, Biomedical health-care is related to biotechnologies, which to a certain extent are based on similar technologies, but are dedicated to applications outside the health-care market.

Its the 21st Century people. There has been astonishing advances in the world of technology, be it in the breath taking Automobile sector, the always hush-hush IT industry or maybe the cringy Biotech domain. Well, let me tell you, Biomedical Industry has advanced far more than them. With a world population of over 7.4 billion, there are human births taking place every second, epidemics crossing boundaries every minute, people being injured by natural calamities every hour, and not to forget the tragic killings of humans by their own species.

We people need help. And this can only be fulfilled with startling new advances and researches in the Biomedical Industry.

Now since you have an insight to what this Industry is all about, lets go on with the higher scope of taking this as a career. There’s basically 5 sectors, Application Specialists, Service Engineers, Sales and Marketing, Entrepreneur and R&D.

The Application Specialists basically deals with a sound knowledge of a particular instrument or a device of any company. So, yeah they are hired by the companies, the complete background check regarding the product is done by these people.

The Service Engineers. Well, I guess the name says it all. Whenever any machine fails, they act as the life savers for those machines. Hired by Hospitals and companies as well.

The Sales and Marketing sector is the most interesting one. Got a good Business Plan, or maybe you are good at convincing people, well this is your thing. The best part is you get to travel.

Entrepreneur of course, is when you want to keep your Biomedical roots but still want to work for the society. This is it guys. Go ahead. Got a new idea, make it a reality.

Lastly, the R&D , the backbone of all the above. If this domain fails to work, the industry is definitely at its downfall.

Still want more?

Its clear that India doesn’t seem to have flourished much on this industry, since most of the medical devices companies have their roots abroad, but its never too late. Lets not forget, India is a home of scientists, thinkers, entrepreneurs and of course engineers. Till humans survive on this mighty planet, or even if aliens reach to us for medical support, this Industry is to flourish and advance. With so much scope and need, the future of this Industry is definitely bright.

Be it a tiny contact lens that helps you control your own limbs, or just using one electrode for acquiring an ECG signal, or maybe new bio-material for knee replacement, or maybe you will never have to use X-Rays for imaging your flaws.

Its interesting when you can give so much to the society by doing so little.

After all, we at the Biomedical Industry are known to be

‘The Doctor of the Doctors’.


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