“Hey..You remember that?” “Of course! That is where we first met!” The voices still echo through my ears. It was the time which I never wanted to end. It was the life I thought was worth living. The warm smile and the bear hug used to make my day. Now.. Where was it ? What has supposedly gone wrong? Is it him or is it me? Why am I moaning over a person to whom I mean nothing?
I lay daydreaming with a heavy heart and endless tears. Not long will I fall asleep and dream of the past to escape from the present just to wake up to the same biting truth. He broke all the promises that were ever given to me.

“Does he deserve my tears?”

This single question turned round my life..

It’s time to pick myself up.

Stick the pieces of my heart.

Leave the burning past for the hopeful future.

Focus on myself.

Stop being a coward.

Face the consequences and move on.

End this nightmare for the beautiful morning.

If anything ends, it ends for good. It happened to teach you and change you. Just learn to move on for the better you.

– Sai Pranavi

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