Power over life.

We all know the ongoing conflict between the Jews and the Arabs in Israel and Palestinian regions where both the parties involved refused to recognise each other as a secular state.
All this started due to the fear that the parties will become a minority in their own land and refused to give it up or live peacefully by co existing with each other.

This never-ending war that started after World War Two had led the death of so many innocent lives and displacement of so many people from their home lands, especially the Arabs to the neighbouring countries such as Egypt, Lebanon, Syria etc.

The Palestinians are set in a rage, hoping to take over their land from the Israelis one day and the Israelis believe that the land was given to them by their god and leaving it would be a sin.

The UN is trying its best to interfere and solve this non-negotiable Conflict but all efforts are proved to be useless as none of the both parties are agreeing to the terms of peace with each other.
And what’s the consequence of this?
Rise in the death toll.

Some major solutions to the ongoing conflict can be

1) Establishment of political stability among the Palestinians.

There is a rise in conflict between the two major political parties in Palestine- the Hamma and the Fatah. The Fatah believe in peaceful settlements between the Israelis and the Palestinians to end the ongoing war and the Hamma an Islamic extremist political party whose aim is to take back their ancestral land from the Israelis. Because of the clash in their views and ideals, there is a civil conflict among the Palestinians.

Unless and until both the parties come into an agreement, peaceful talks between the Palestinians and Israelis can never be established.

2) The “one state” or “two state” solution is not going to work now.

there have been suggestions of formation of one state where the Arabs and Jews can co-exist, can either recognise themselves as Israelis or Palestinians but both the parties do not wish for this to happen as Jews are scared about their religious rights and the Arabs have no desire to live with the Jews.

The ‘two state’ solution that has been brought up by the UN, where two states can be formed by dividing the land equally among each other and the UN securing the borders between both the land. The Israelis have rejected this theory as they fear once the both the states have been established, they might face a threat from the nearby Arab countries that are in favour of the Palestinians and can lead to their own extinction because of their not so powerful military establishment to protect themselves.

So, as both the parties are not coming in terms on the formations of the states, we have to stop trying to establish them.

We need to educate the mases and stop the false propagandas that is being circulated by the media within the region and also in the other countries. The problems have reached to such an extent that any political move made by either Israel or Palestine can lead to serious conflict between one another. The live example is that of the conflicts that is happening in the Gaza Strip.

The reason why the two state or one state solution won’t work now because the both the parties involved are so much involved in rage and hatred and corrupted with power that they have forgotten to see the solution and any step taken toward peace is taken as political propaganda against each other.

You see, this conflict is never going to find a solution if both the parties cannot compromise with one another. This comprise cannot be brought over few meetings or signing of some baseless treaties, it can be brought over mass education over years.

The innocent people must resist against this war that is brought up by their leaders and learn to see both of them are at fault.

Much of resources, money time and lives have been wasted in this war and no where can we find a speck of humanity among it.

Because as the result of war soon there would be no one left to fight for the rights that you are trying too hard to establish as everyone would be buried.

Resolve the Hatred through other means instead of trying to establishing peace.

We have to go back in the roots instead of just trying to pluck out the weeds.

This Hatred, rage cannot be abolished within a day, but the fighting and destruction using weapons can be stopped.

The only way for this hatred to go away is by establishing a union by the Palestinians and the Israelis themselves without any intervention by any other neighbouring countries or the UN. The conflict that was started by these two can only be ended by these two.

The union’s main purpose is to try to bring terms to the hatred with proper establishment of debates and discussions that should be live broadcasted to the public.

And any violent protest or strikes should be dealt with strict military actions and laws so as the curb down the death toll of the innocent citizens.

This will take years to come to an agreement but we have to start, somewhere don’t we?Once the hatred has disappeared, only then peace shall prevail.

It’s not easy to come up with solutions but it can be only if we show the world what is actually going on there instead of believing the media that favours on faction over the other.

Peace can be established, if one learns to compromise and let go of something that happened two centuries ago.

– Bhargavi Ravi

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