Christmas- Oh the merry!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you’re all hale and hearty.
This is the festival that brings across all cultures and traditions under one roof. Because first up, I’m Indian, and a Hindu at that, but still, we celebrate it with gaiety. Well, probably not that much this time, owing to some crucial currency notes getting phased out by our government.

Well, cash crunch.

And turning to other countries, the United States would be waking up to a rather different type of Christmas shall we say? One with Donald Trump as prez-elect in it? And such logical decisions by him, appointing a pro-Russia industrialist as his Secretary of State. Nice.

I wonder really what this Christmas has to hold. Looking from Mark Zuckerberg’s (and half the world really), it could not be any better. His new personal assistant Jarvis (yup, that’s the name) is almost the perfect real-life version of the Iron Man trilogy’s coolest part. Oh, and with the voice of Morgan Freeman wishing you a Merry Christmas, it is even better.

In China too, Christmas is going to herald a lot of show, considering more than 5% of the population there are Christians. And 5% of China means 70 million, if you do the math. Wow. Can’t wait to see ’em fireworks there.

And the best part? Throughout the world, there is one thing which is going to be common when it comes to Christmas – all the malls and the streets bedecked in the full fervour, waiting for Santa to come treat em to all the good stuff. By Santa here, I mean we, the customers. Of course, all the malls in the planet look forward to us making their dreams come true today. So, it’s a good thing to know. Santa is inside all of us.

Enjoy Christmas then everyone. Become the caregiver you always aspired to be. And yes, give something to the marketplace please. Do not dissapoint.

-Anirudh Bhagavatula

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