The Nation wants to Know!

Life has many ways of testing a persons will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen at once.

We have been through lots of test in the recent past. Everything in this world seems like falling apart. Almost everything leads to chaos or a breakdown!
People choose leaders and pay them to take care of the world. But the whole concept has reversed. Leaders are now acting irresponsible and their narrow minded approach to just think about how they can stay leaders or as they call themselves ‘Rulers’ is what is destroying this world.
Ohh! Common people. You are leading because we believe in your vision and think our hard earned money that you collect in the form of taxes will be used to make world a better place and not for your comfort.

WE ARE HERE TO ASK. Peoples voice, our words. YOUR NATION WANTS TO KNOW!
A few questions we need answers for, straight true answers and no diplomatic tricks please.
‘Cause the world is falling apart and we need to act fast or the end of this beautiful human race is very well possible!

The countries that majorly influence the being of this world are


Starting with CHINA

Polluted air, desertification, toxic waterways, soil erosion–China suffers a long, long litany of man-made environmental problems, much of it related to its coal addiction. Anthropogenic global warming is contributing to this problem, and to water shortages as glaciers melt at an alarming rate.China is facing the worst SMOG of all time this year! An imbalanced economy, too dependent still on export with a relatively low share of GDP from domestic consumption compared to most developed nations. This also leads to chronic overcapacity, which exacerbates China’s trade imbalance with certain major trading partners and is a perennial cause for tension in bilateral relations with, most significantly, the U.S. And with Trump on the helm now, it’s all gonna get worse.

So President Xi Jinping. The trust in govt. is eroding, there are important segments of society that have become deeply distrustful and cynical about political authority in China.

Everybody knows Japan is in crisis. The biggest problems it faces – sinking economy, aging society, sinking birthrate, radiation, unpopular and seemingly powerless government – present an overwhelming challenge and possibly an existential threat. One-third of single women living in poverty. Rising number of children needing protection from child abuse. Compared to other developed countries, Japan gives very weak protection to its young generation. There are 340,000 abortions a year in Japan, many of them presumably on women for whom child-raising is an economic impossibility.

Shinzo Abe. Man you gotta do something!

United Kingdom
At a time when anemic economic growth and terrorist threats plague Europe, Brexit has jolted world governments, financial markets and global corporations into diverting their attention to a new political and economic order. What had originally been voiced as concerns over faceless, intruding bureaucrats in Brussels a few months ago has burgeoned into much more from the sudden flood of Middle Eastern refugees leading to an overwhelming sense of disenfranchisement by the average Brit with its own government elites. This latter concern has become endemic in other countries around the world, including the United States.
Despite assertions to the contrary, the ramifications and next steps in secession are anyone’s guess and the distraction could be significant. Complicated and politically charged treaties and agreements now will need to be negotiated and renegotiated between the UK and the EU, as well as with other countries. Global corporations who used London as their front door to the EU now will have to reassess their business models. At the same time, the issues of yesterday like terrorism, agriculture subsidies, refugees, environmental concerns, and more will not have gone away. Rather than addressing those challenges from within the EU tent as the EU’s second largest economy after Germany, the UK will be doing so from the outside.

Theresa May. Your message this christmas was good! But you gotta work.

Throughout the country, unemployment reaches new highs each month, factories are shut down daily, hundreds of thousands take to the streets to protest gay marriage, and the French are increasingly outraged over a barrage of new political scandals as the country hovers on the cusp of waning global relevance. Yet this roar of dissatisfaction doesn’t permeate the walls of Hollande’s world. Here, it is quiet, very quiet.The French economy has been in gradual decline for years, without any president or administration having done anything decisive about it. But now, ignoring the problems is no longer an option. The economy hasn’t grown in five years and will even contract slightly this year. A record 3.26 million Frenchmen are unemployed, youth unemployment is at 26.5 percent, consumer purchasing power has declined, and consumption, which drives the French economy, is beginning to slow down, as well. Another problem is that the European Union is losing its standing in France at a more dramatic pace than in any other EU member state. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, the public approval of the EU in France has declined from 60 to 41 percent in only a year.

François Hollande. Man you need a vision!

Even Angela Merkel, the usually unruffled veteran of European crises after almost 11 years as chancellor of Germany, had to admit it last week: “The world finds itself in a critical condition,” she said, and there is no point “in painting anything rosier than it is.” The heart of the looming issue for Germany is the Italian banking system.Germany is the new PIIG. Germany depends on exports and its markets are drying up.

Joachim Gauck! What’s up ?


Stagnation and decline of “primary heavy industry”. These are industries such as mining, manufacturing, chemical production, timber, and other industries producing raw material or intermediate or finished goods, which are generally perceived as both “dirty” and as perpetuating demand for often-stigmatized “unskilled” labor. Many Americans honestly believe that the ideal is for as many Americans as possible to be “knowledge workers”, making money with their brains instead of their hands, and various policymakers since the ’50s have worked to transition the U.S. towards exactly that type of economy by emphasizing the importance of so-called “STEM” subjects in schools.In the past 6 years, the U.S. National Debt has grown by more than 50%, due primarily to government bailout and stimulus spending in response to the fallout of the debt market collapse. That debt was financed via T-bills at historically low interest rates, arrived at through a combination of US debt being the best-looking horse in the glue factory, and Fed policies keeping interest rates on other types of debt very low to effect a recovery. At the worst of it, U.S. 10-year T-notes sold by the Treasury in early ’09 were bought by the market at an effective interest rate of just over 2%.
Election 2016 came as a shock. Donald Trump, the king of uncertainities is now the president of the mostpowerful and influential nation in the world.
Though I believe, there are a few plus points to it but they cannot overshadow the negatives.
A trade tussle with China.
A proxy war with Russia.
Syria situation!
Seriously Mrs. Clinton? You not accepting the defeat.
You kept digging Trump and now you ain’t ready to take it? Trump. A lot of promises ha!?

Let’s see how many you work on. Please forget a few though as immigrants are an integral part of USA.
What are your policies bruh? What’s your way?


In the coming decades, Russia will face at least three challenges emanating from a changing global energy landscape. The first will be increased supplies of oil from sources ranging from the United States to Iraq. The second challenge for Russia will be turning the threat of unconventional gas resources into an opportunity, given the potential of shale to undermine Russia’s hold on its traditional and prospective gas importers. The third shift Russia will need to master is in response to a changing demand landscape where, according to all major projections, non-OECD economies will account for the largest share of future fossil fuel demand. Finally, it remains to be seen whether Russia can lead a changing global market structure or whether it merely trails along.
Trust within society and towards institutions and decision-makers is a key indicator of a society’s ability to fully develop its productive potential. The number of professionals seeking to leave Russia exceeds 50% in certain segments. Russia’s weakness is linked to two related dynamics. First, due to its strong reliance on energy exports, Russia is more affected than other countries by fluctuations in the global economy. Any slowdown in global demand or change in the global energy landscape directly affects Russia’s check book. Second, the complex interactions between the inflow of energy revenues, the quality of its domestic institutions and the dynamics of social cohesion have created barriers in the quest to fully develop the country’s physical and human resources. Why did President Vladimir Putin intervene in a faraway country, hundreds of miles away from Russia proper while in the midst of his temporarily frozen proxy war with Ukraine? So far there has been no serious effort to probe the underlying causes of the Kremlin’s surprise move, let alone in conjunction with Putin’s three other military interventions along Russia’s periphery.

Personal grudge? Strategical move?
Also were you involved in the hacking!!? #USElections2016

PUTIN. There are more serious issues then bombing Aleppo.
(Preventing casualties among civilians! My foot. Even kids have stopped crying.)


It’s hard to think of any politician in our country whose intention is to do good for the people of the country. They are all mostly there for the power and the money. No surprise that there is corruption in our country, it stems from wrong intentions to begin with. Poverty is the mother of all problems in India. Despite all propaganda, the fact remains that we are still one of the poorest nation of the world. For example, the part capita income of India is hardly $1700 while any developed country (like USA) has per capita of more than $50,000, which is more than 30 times higher. Connected with poverty comes corruption. It is a fact that most honest countries of the world are also the most prosperous countries, while the poorest countries are the most corrupt. Due to corruption, the benefits of the social welfare schemes do not reach to the poor people and they can’t grow with rest of India.Indian bureaucrats are perceived to be one of the most arrogant, corrupt and inefficient in the world. It is also a fact that most Indians lack scientific factors and they are still trapped in their past glory. Most Indians falsely believe in the mythologies overlooking the scientific evidences to the contrary. It is difficult to talk rationality in India as most Indians get offended when you question their old believes. You can’t move forward with fast pace, unless you are willing to leave the dead weight of irrational thoughts. The quality of education in India is quite pathetic in government schools. You can’t fail anyone till class 8. The result is that there are students who have passed class 8 but can’t even write their name correctly or do a simple mathematical sum. The quality of higher education also leaves much to be desired. There may be a large number of graduates in India in all disciples, but their quality is pathetic.
India ranks 130 on the United Nations Human Development report. The CPI (consumer price index) for India is 132 (Norway: 104,2; Niger: 105,8). How to interpret this? The CPI is the weighted average cost of a basket of consumer goods, i.e. this number tells us is that the inflation level is higher in India than in the worst performing country in the HDI report

NARENDRA BHAI MODI. Kem chho? Demonetization was a bold step bakka. But the implementation? People died standing in queue.
You changed Gujarat into Diamond in 15 years. But why have people lost faith in you just after 2 years of becoming the leader. Cashless economy. Bullet trains. Why? When the base is not stable yet.

The question also is WHEN!! to all the leaders of the world.
Isn’t it too late already?
Climate change isn’t a hoax

Terrorism is on rise just because somebody is feeding them with ammo.
Boundary clashes need to stop.
Trade needs to be fair. Why corrupt?
Why can’t we first solve the basics and then move forward?
Is invading the only way out left?!

Believe there is good in You! There is good in the World. We just need to be strong enough to fight for it.

– Shivendra Saxena

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