Keya was travelling in a bus to Ramapur village to meet her grandmother who seriously fell ill the last night. She was very much worried for her and wanted to meet her soon. There was a guy sitting in the bus beside her- Utkarsh. He asked Keya reason for her anxiousness and tried to soothe her out.

Then all of a sudden, the bus came to a halt with a jerk and some men covering their faces with a mask entered inside it. They belonged to a terrorist community and they high jacked the bus. One of them caught hold of a small girl and keeping his rifle close to her head he said, “If anybody try moving from their position, I will shot her dead.” Everyone present in the bus became very much scared but they couldn’t do anything. They were helpless.

Utkarsh belonged to the same terrorist group and he was travelling in the bus only to inform his team regarding the position of the bus, no. of passengers and the like from time to time.

Finally, they stopped the bus at some destination and took all the passengers in a small cottage nearby. They tied up all of them with cords and told them that they won’t be released until the Indian government pays them the ransom for their release.

Keya and Utkarsh were tied initially with the same cord and Utkarsh started feeling for Keya. After a while one of them freed out Utkarsh. Utkarsh took his companion to a side and asked him to release everyone since he had one of his close friends too among the passengers. They initially refused but when Utkarsh wasn’t ready to give up, they finally agreed but made him promise that he would very soon help them in bringing passengers in their next high jacking plans.

The terrorists released all of them. Seeing this, Keya was impressed with Utkarsh. She went up to him and proposed him. On the other hand, even Utkarsh had fallen in love with her. Both of them were now ready for a marriage. When Keya informed about this to her grandmother and other family members, all of them happily agreed for it. They both finally decided to marry and lead a happy life.

After marriage, Utkarsh made up his mind not to reveal about his true profession to Keya. So, he worked like a businessman before his wife, however he used to go regularly to help his terrorist team without letting Keya know anything about it. On the other hand, Keya was patriotic and she worked in a nursing home.

One fine day, he came to know that Keya was pregnant. He now began to realize his responsibilities towards his family. He decided not to hold arms anymore but when he informed about this to his troop, they mocked at him and called him a fool for taking such decisions based on emotions. They tried persuading him in order to change his mind, but failed before his determination.

So, in order to bring back their companion, they kidnapped Keya and asked him to permanently leave his wife and child and join-up back with the team.

When Keya came to know about her husband’s former profession, she was taken aback. She didn’t believed that she had loved a terrorist and made the biggest mistake of her life. But when she heard the truth from Utkarsh himself, she was shattered. Utkarsh tried to explain her that he was completely changed now but it was too late. His SECRETS have already finished everything.

By the time, one of the members of the troop hit hard on Keya’s womb with the rifle; thinking the end of the baby would normalize everything but situations rather worsened. Keya yelled aloud in pain and she lay there in a pool of blood. Utkarsh screamed loudly and ran to her. Even the other members of the troop were shocked to see this. Even they didn’t liked the idea of killing the child. Utkarsh took her in his arms but being hurt very badly; she couldn’t handle the pain and she eventually died.

He stood there and cried for the irreversible loss of his Wife and Child;

Cursing the biggest SECRET, he kept from Her in his Life…

– Tanisha Gupta

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