GOD S02 Chapter 11

“Are you alright Deeksha?”, Abhinav asked with tears filled in his eyes.

Deeksha wiped off his tears and said she was fine.

“Come, we shall leave this place immediately. It’s not at all safe for you to be here right now since relentless firing is going on between the military-men and our opponents. I will first escort you to some safer place before I join-up with my team.”, said Abhinav.

But Deeksha was unable to walk properly since she was badly hurt in her legs. Abhinav lifted her up in his arms and took her to a nearby safe zone. He asked the people there to take care of her and before leaving, he promised Deeksha that he would be back to her soon.

Back on the spot, he joined with his team in firing. Soldiers from both the ends were severely wounded and many of them were even shot dead. But Abhinav’s only aim now was to defeat his enemy and return back to Deeksha.

On the other hand, Deeksha was lying on the bed in the neighborhood. Her legs were swathed in bandages and she was eagerly waiting for Abhinav’s return. She prayed for his well-being with tears rolling down her eyes

Back on the spot, a bullet lodged into Imran’s shoulder and he fell unconscious. Seeing that, Abhinav turned towards the enemy even more ragefully and started firing now using both his hands.

Abhinav was fighting two wars. A war right in front of him and a war in his mind. Will he win them both? Will he go back alive to Deeksha to find her waiting for him! or will he go back alive to see that he missed holding Deekshas hand and telling her the last goodbye!! Or will he never return back ??!

to be continued…

– Tanisha Gupta

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