GOD S02 Chapter 10

“You better tell me right now or else I’ll blow her up brains. You know I  won’t think twice before doing that.”

The Chief now had Deeksha ,with a gun pointed directly up her forehead. He knew Deeksha meant something to Abhinav, the way he used to look at her, would say it all. It was easy for anyone to understand.
Abhinav was scared to death, he had to do something now, he had to act smart. He had to unfold the Chief’s plan as fast as possible. What was he trying to do. Should he really fake up the army plan and strategy. What if he gets to know and kills Deeksha right in front of his eyes.
Sweat started to trickle down his face. He had do what Imran told him to.

He started faking up the plan, with full confidence on his face, fingers crossed. He was just hoping the Chief wouldn’t understand his plan.
He was just about to complete the drawing when he heard faint gun shots.

What the hell was happening. Rebels were being hunted by another group of rebels! It was all chaos inside the room. With a few masked gunmen left, the Chief went downstairs. The sound of gun shots increased with time.

With the small knife that Abhinav had, he was able to cut down the rope and free his hands. He took hold of the situation and was able to kick down the gunmen unconscious.

He quickly rushed to where Deeksha was laying unconscious. He tried to wake her up, but she wouldn’t. He took her in his arms, he could feel her breath, he kept staring at her, he finally had her.

And that’s when she opened her eyes. Their eyes met.

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