Black Messy Love

She was a gem, too precious of her kind,Yet he failed to realize how beautiful she was from the inside.

She would wait all day for him to come back, for hope was all she had, to keep her alive.

The parting kiss that used to satiate her taste buds, the one last stare that used to clear all her doubts at once,

Because sometimes words when said, lose their meaning, just as she had forgotten the meaning of her own existence.

She would wear the same old shirt of his, hoping it would whisper into her ears that he will be back soon,

Soon enough for her to realize that she was wrong after all,

True love did exist.

She would still look for the scent of his presence all over her body, the marks on her neck, the shredded pillow, the broken heart.

What did he do to her, she would wonder all day long.

The ecstasy of the nights, the euphoric moments of the day, disappeared.

She would dream of him, when all the good times existed, when he would make up to her anyhow, when they would share the corners of the same bed sheet, when a single kiss on her forehead would say it all.

Why did he had to leave.

He never understood what waking up to his side meant to her, the dreadful tears that he used to wipe it away, the everyday evening walks of silence was too good to hold to.

I don’t think the world understands how difficult relationships are, how hurting it is when you see your man with another girl, still hoping he would return to apologize and say, ‘its all going to be okay’.

We are all hanging like the little twigs, waiting to be touched and loved. But soon we get to realize that the same person might tear you off.


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