Cheesy-Veezy moments

Come here , the little book calledWhere have you been all along ?

Its time you cherish

Some moments before they perish.

As I opened the hundred page volume

The memories rolled on to an infinite extension.

First steps, first cries

The time with our toys never dies.

The rides to the park, the hunchback of dad

The comfort hug of mom, can anyone replace that one?

The school will never be history

With all its subjects that may still be mystery.

First crush, first love

The first horror story still haunts us all.

Night rides, useless fights

With the first beer did your mind glide?

Lots of tests, many a fail

They never mattered as long as we faired.

Hearts broke and so was your faith

But did it stop you from getting brave?

First makeup, first breakup

All the firsts will forever be savoured.

And when you look back at them all

They were cheesy- veezy afterall.

– Sai Pranavi













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