GOD S02 Chapter 9

Just then Abhinav’s eyes met with his best friend- Imran who was present on that very spot among the kidnapper’s troop. Imran tried to convey Abhinav through his gestures that he should at once agree to help the kidnappers and save the lives of those little, young, innocent children. Abhinav at once understood his friend’s idea and he agreed to help them out without any arguments.James Frank, the chief of the kidnappers’ group ordered his men to take those kids inside and two of them to carry Abhinav to his cabin which was at the 5th floor of the building. Saying that, Frank immediately left the spot with his other men and the two of them began to carry Abhinav.

One of the them was Imran, who purposely stayed back on that spot in order to grab this opportunity to talk with Abhinav. He had a knife hidden with him with which he killed the other one and finally there were no one else present on the spot except the two soldiers.

“How could I explain them everything about the Indian Army Camp diagram of the Border? and if I do that, they will easily come to know about the military strategies so far and I can’t prove myself to be a betrayal for my country.”, said Abhinav very firmly.

“Who asked you to make the right diagram and tell them everything about the plans of our Army Camp? All you need to do is to make a fake diagram which I have already prepared for you before. (as I have already been acquainted to their plans before you came here)”- added Imran showing him the diagram.

“Thank You so much Imran, once again you have proved your true friendship”, said Abhinav with tears filled in his eyes.

“It’s all my loyalty towards our country, Abhinav; more than towards our friendship. But you should remember one thing my friend that you shouldn’t give them the diagram so easily unless they release all the people who are there under their captivity”, explained Imran.

Abhinav appreciated his friend’s idea and both of them went inside after exchanging a salute to each-other.

to be continued…

– Tanisha Gupta

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