Today I decide to observe her,

Through her silent gestures and smiles

She works quietly in the kitchen,

Hoping she can get this done on time.

I don’t why I ignored those little things,

Her eyes that always had this glitter,

Her fingers that are so delicate,

And that love she always radiates.

I was so used to seeing her at home,

It scares me about the days I may face

When she won’t be in her usual place,

Just watching television, when she does get time.

Will I be able to live without her?

Even though I do live without her

Leaving her alone but she always calls

To make sure I won’t feel alone.

I can’t help but feel guilty,

Maybe I took her granted,

Maybe I didn’t tell her how much I love her,

And I still can’t tell her what I want to say.

She had endured pain right from the start

While we complain about little things

That she never got the time to complain about

She always knows the best and worst.

Now when I got her gifts and stories

From the places, I have been too

She sits and listens to them intently

About the life that’s much different than hers.

Well I promised her to take her

To see the whole new world

She politely refused and smiled

I can’t abandon my home, she said.

She was the silent ruler,

The guardian of the household,

While the king was busy earning for the kingdom

It was the queen, my mother who knew how to Rule.

Bhargavi Ravi

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