GOD S02 Chapter 8

Another blow to the head and Abhinav was rendered unconscious again. The next time Abhinav opened his eyes he was in a cave laying on a dirty bed. He looked around and waved his hands to make some noise. He saw an old man looking into a small mirror shaving his beard. He looked around further and saw a camera pointing towards him.
The old man looked at him and asked him not to move as Abhinav was seriously injured and had recently undergone a surgery performed by him. After a small conversation he found that the old man’s name was Jahangir and that he too had been in the captivity since 3 days.

Abhinav had to make sure that Jahangir was not lying. A knock on the huge metal door occurred and few men in arms entered the cave with heavy weaponry. As soon as they entered, the leader of the troop punched both Jahangir and Abhinav hard in their stomach. Now Abhinav knew that Jahangir was not lying.

Abhinav was again brought to his feet by two other soldiers and then the leader in broken English asked him to draw the army camp diagram of India across the border. Abhinav refused immediately and spit on the paper.

He was punched hard again. And was left unconscious for a while and when he woke up, he saw the sun shining bright over his head. As his vision was restored he found himself saw a line of kids directly in front of him with guns pointed towards their heads.

He knew that he was in trouble. Should he save the kids and give the army camp diagram or should he let them die? He knew that even if he did give the diagram there was no way that he could have ensured that the kids were not killed. He had to think on his feet now. What to do!

To be continued

Shubham V. Garg

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