Being Gujju

“Gujaratis are the best people in the world!” Hands down, drop the mic, fold hands and stand in style.
We do not need to define this statement. You know we Gujaratis are right even when you think we are wrong. There is no competition between Gujaratis and any other kind of people in the world.

Unity in diversity, we are India within ourselves, a much better, much cleaner, much welcoming and the best possible version of India. Why do I say this? Here is why.

1. Our culture is something that is followed throughout the world no matter the place is, no matter the religion is, no matter who the people are, they know our customs and practices and enjoy them as much as we do.

2. We are the best businessman in the world with the biggest heart you will ever see in somebody. While the other world excludes family matters out of business to keep their professional and personal lives different, we make our family the business!

3. Go to any corner of the world, you will always find a Gujarati food joint. This will ensure that you will have the tastiest food there is to taste in the world, all over the world.

4. Even in the most remote corner and smallest country of the world you will find that there is a Gujarati family residing. A state without a single Gujarati at heart in the whole world is yet to be found.

5. We are the first at everything. May it be standing in line for a new product or may it be landing on Saturn, we guarantee you that we will be the first ones there.

6. We can start our business in any corner of the world and still be successful. We have business running in the blood through our veins. We know how to establish and run a successful business as a birth right.

7. We are the friendliest people you will ever find. A handshake is too mainstream, we hug our friends with the outmost care and also are ready to lay a pile of dead bodies in case someone makes them cry.

8. Last but not the least, when you hear “Jai Shree Krishna” you do not need to turn back, you can always rely on your ears to confirm that the best people are greeting each other behind your back.

Gujarati’s are one of a kind. If you are one or if you know a Gujarati you can easily relate to this. So share and enjoy. And yeah, Jai Shree Krishna, hi hello how are you, khaana khaake jaana!

What's your point of view?

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