GOD S02 Chapter 7

Capturing an enemy while under heavy fire was a task for the bravest and the most daring of soldiers. Abhinav knew that he wasn’t the best but the thoughts of Deeksha had taken him far beyond the best he could do.He knew that the adrenaline rushing through his veins was not going to betray him and his troops too would abide by his orders. Crouching behind the defence line he had his priorities in an instant, country first, Deeksha second. If need be he was to kill the guy without a second thought but if his conditions allowed and god favoured him, he was to capture him alive.

Firing from both sides left screeching sounds in the ears of Abhinav and he got back to the scene at the moment’s notice. A flashbang here, a smoke grenade there, he used all his tactics and soon enough he was almost nearing the enemy lines.

As soon as he was about to crouch out of defence and charge at his enemies a grenade landed beside him. With no time to react, he covered his face while the grenade exploded at his feet. He was thrown 5 feet away from the spot. Soon he was rendered unconscious.

The troops now without a leader felt disoriented and soon was defeated by the enemy.

The next time Abhinav opened his eyes all he could see is a faint light through a ragged cloth tied around his face. He knew he had been kidnapped. A foreign language muttered beside him soon the face mask was lifted and Abhinav stared directly into a camera.

In a moment all of it became clear, Abhinav was kidnapped and was going to be used as a bait to gain a ransom from the Indian government. He saw a small reflection on the camera lens and noticed Frank James standing behind him. Again the familiar feel of adrenaline rushed through his legs as Deeksha’s face flashed before his eyes. What do I do now?

To be continued

Shubham V. Garg

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