Lame fame

Lame Fame is the artificially created fame for anything since it can’t be achieved naturally.With the advancement of electronic media, producers advertise their products in a very attractive manner and they also specify their product’s uniqueness which generates a good lust among the users. It is also accepted by many producers that due to the heavy competition in sale, it has become a necessity to follow the principle of “LAME FAME” in order to attract people to buy their products.

Nowadays, Lame Fame is widely practised in different fields be it politics, film industries, different beauty products and the like.

In the field of Politics, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, won the election for the post of C.M. by a clear majority votes. It was all because of his fake resolutions and promises which he made to people prior to the elections. However, after coming into power, he failed in fulfilling whatever he had claimed before.

Likewise, even in the film industries, the movie is tried to be depicted “THE BEST” through posters and other means of publicising methods before it gets released. However, once it is released, people actually realizes that it wasn’t as great as they were expecting it to be. All this is due to the Lame Fame which is created to attract people’s attention towards it.

Similarly, many beauty and medical products present in the market fail to produce the desired outcomes. For instance – anti-ageing creams and other beautifying products, height-increasing food and drinks, stuff that helps in strengthening memory-power and the like. All of these hardly shows any desirable outcomes and moreover, in certain cases it may also produce unwanted side-effects.

Likewise, we can find a no. of institutes in our country- such as coaching centres, engineering/medical colleges and other such institutions which claims themselves to be the best. Most of the coaching centres try to collect the photo and other details of the students who have topped in their respective domains and put them up under the name of their respective institution. However, such institutes get proved wrong later by the quality of education they provide.

Similarly, there are so called “BABAS or saints” who claim themselves of possessing certain Supernatural powers and changing the fate of people. All such saints are fake and it is necessary to beware of them and not to fall into their attractive traps.

Since long, it is a practice to encash the psychology of the common man. Everybody has a tendency to gain much in a short time without making the due efforts and necessary manoeuvring. People want to use shortcuts to achieve their expected undue desires and hence they become victims of “Lame Fame”.

It is therefore necessary for people to use their brains and consciousness to analyze different products prior to purchase and use.

– Tanisha Gupta




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