GOD S02 Chapter 6

“What shall I do?”, Abhinav was now in a dilemma.”How could I abandon my team and my country at the time when they needed me the most?”, thought Abhinav.

At last, he finally decided to be with his team. After all, the war was near and “Call for Duty” at this point was above any other aspect of his life.

However, deep down in his heart he was worried for Deeksha. He badly wanted to know whether she was safe. But hardly he had any time to think about it & he immediately had to leave to the chief’s office with his military troop.

The chief instructed them about their duties and also the dangers they might encounter in the meanwhile.

In no time, the soldiers got prepared themselves with their arms and ammunitions. They also had some short talks with each-others and also with their families.

“The war is fatal and we might be meeting each-other for the last time”, said one of them.

Hearing this, Abhinav became much more worried than before. He badly desired to see Deeksha once before going. But he couldn’t get any clue of her from anywhere. So, he finally prayed to God to take care of her and left for his duty along with others.

The soldiers took their positions on the spot; completely ready and waiting for the orders of their chief to start firing. Suddenly, Abhinav’s eyes met the eyes of his opponent.

“I have seen him before recently, but where?”, thought he. He looked into the man’s face once again and realized that he was the same man who knocked at Deeksha and took her away along with his gang.

He at once decided not to kill him but to catch him alive in order to know about Deeksha from him later. He also informed about this to his troop and they agreed.

The chief gave the order and relentless firing began from both the sides.

to be continued…


– Tanisha Gupta

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