GOD S02 Chapter 5

He realized everything around him was a blur. What was happening to him ? He was losing control over himself.
Soon he was looking into the distance to forget about everything for a while and compose himself . As he was wiping away the tears he saw something speeding among the trees. He alerted everyone to stand still.

His sharp eyes noticed two men crouching and holding guns ready to fire against him. He signalled the soldiers to aim their guns. The two men unaware charged at them.

There was a lot of firing and one of the soldiers wounded. Shortly both of them were tied and before they could question gulped poison through their neck band and died. The soldier was taken care of by the village people.

Suddenly a messaged was transmitted. “Soldiers! We need help. The war is near. Come as soon as possible. Alert everyone. Over” It was from their chief officer.

Abhinav was now trapped between the two biggest decisions of his life ! His mind raced with various controversies .. Should he leave the only thing he was occupied in for several years to save the person he wanted to get away from ? Should he let the team proceed without him ? Is Deeksha more important than serving the country ? Is he doing injustice to his soul ? What is morally correct?

– Sai Pranavi

What's your point of view?

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