There are Angels whom God puts on this Earth,
Who cares for us & guides us.
We can feel their Love & Gentleness
As they walk through Life beside us.

They are always there whenever we need them;
Young as our Hopes & Spirited as our Desires.
They hold our Hands tightly & Whisper in our Ears.
They even hold us in their Hearts, when we are filled with all our Fears.

They do Great things for us Everyday.
They hold our Hands tightly & dispel our Fears with all their Might.
They makes us feel Winner, even if we don’t succeed.
They are always there to Hug us & make us Smile.

God had Blessed me with his Angel,
I’m Proud to call my Own.
They have been with me Throughout my Life,
They have been with me, as I’ve Grown.

They have Guided me the Best they can.
They have Taught me like None other;
and I’m very Thankful & Lucky one
To Call them My,

Tanisha Gupta

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