GOD S02 Chapter 4

Soon all packed and started to move. Abhinav maintained as much distance from her as possible.

Occasionally she would look at him and he would die a thousand deaths of embarrassment. Why the hell did I shout ? what was I so angry about ? I spoiled my life .. I wanted her to come back into my life, never asked what she wanted. Never expressed my feelings. I am the one who screwed up everything.

They finally stopped at a place to have food and rest. Out of no where four unknown people charged at Deeksha and her team. They knocked Deeksha unconscious and took her away.

Abhinav charged at them but to no use. “ what the hell just happened ? why did they take Deeksha away ?” he asked the team. One of them spoke out “ I think I know where they came from. Last month we went to interview a company head. After the interview he offered to take us on a tour. We were walking when Deeksha noticed a familiar person working over there. She took a picture of him and we searched over the net. He was the most wanted criminal Frank James. We got to know from a spy that he was helping the head in some special project. The photos are in Deeksha’s house.”

Abhinav heard enough. He knew she was in trouble. But would he be able to trace her out ?


  • Sai Pranavi



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