GOD S02 Chapter 3

Just then his friend – Imran came running from behind and he stood there holding Abhinav’s hand. He then dragged Abhinav towards him and began speaking…
“Abhinav had been suffering from high fever and severe cold for the past three days. He, therefore didn’t realized his words before he spoke..”

Abhinav was taken aback b’coz he knew Imran was lying; but before been too long he also discovered the reason which made his friend take such an awful step. He looked around and saw- how every single person present at that spot had their suspectful eyes fixed upon him.

Then he turned back at Deeksha who stood there speechless all this while. She too couldn’t understand this peculiar attitude of Abhinav until his friend cleared out everything. Then she began..

“It’s okay! probably it’s high time on war and you are physically not fit at present. I think you need some rest to return back to your normal state.”

Abhinav was once more broken. He wanted Deeksha to listen to him, to understand his situation and to be there beside him to soothe him. But the only thing he could find in her was her dedication & determination towards her work.

To be continued…

– Tanisha Gupta

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