TLS – Chapter 5 & 6


Chapter 5

“I don’t want to do this anymore, I don’t want to know more about myself” Aisha told One twenty-seven.

One twenty-seven looked at her like then looked back at the sky.

“what are you so afraid of?” he asked her. This time Aisha found herself standing in an empty street. It was dark and no one was found to be around. She figured It was probably late in the night.

Aisha didn’t reply him back, instead she just looked at her feet and she heard one twenty-seven sigh.

“well you don’t have a choice anyway” he said a little irritated.

“what do you mean that I don’t have a choice?” she asked him, this time looking at him. He looked back at her with a stern face. This was the first time she actually took notice of his eyes. They had so much pain in them but he hid it really well. She wanted to know the reason for his pain but she didn’t want to press on it much. I mean who was she in the first place to ask him about it?

“if you don’t do this, you are going to be a lost soul, wondering around in this earth without any reason for ever, you will have no place to go, no one will recognise you, see you, hear you and you can’t come back to the soul society either…. If that’s what you want…I can leave you here right now and spare myself…” he said but with coldness evident in his tone.

Aisha gulped. Be lost forever wasn’t something she had in mind. Left alone in earth with nobody would be worse.

“why can’t I just move on without getting my memories back?” she asked him.

One Twenty-Seven smiled lightly and turned to face her.

“because that would be easy” he said as he tapped her forehead lightly with his fingers.

“come on, don’t think about it too much… just face yourself…” he said and he started walking off.

She looked at his retreating back.

Facing herself was something she didn’t want now. But she didn’t have a choice, she had to do it no matter what.

They kept walking with her just a few meters behind one twenty-seven. She didn’t like walking along with him as she would have to talk to him then, for now she enjoyed the comfortable silence that surrounded them.

They kept walking until they stood outside a restaurant that was packed with teenagers.

Aisha clutched her head again as it was starting to hurt a little bit but the pain was bearable and light this time. A smile automatically crept through her face but she didn’t understand why.

“maybe it’s a good memory…” she heard one twenty-seven say and Aisha looked at him and back at the restaurant.

How did he know?

She looked back at the restaurant and recognised the name.


And her head hurt again. But there was something different about this pain, it was kind of soothing to her brain and memories came flooding back to her.

She saw her younger self enjoying, laughing along with another girl. That girl looked much prettier and was little bit taller than her.

Aisha clutched her head and fell to the ground and One twenty-seven just sat beside her, not uttering a single word.

When the pain subsided Aisha didn’t say anything, got up and walked inside the restaurant.

The restaurant was very spacious and filled with teenagers. There was a small dance floor in the middle and people were dancing.

The restaurant was also filled with smoke from all the sizzlers that everyone had ordered, the music blaring up to such an extent that nobody could hear themselves think.

Everyone was dressed up in their best party wear.

It was her school kids, she recognised the faces a little bit.

She remembered this party but she still couldn’t stop smiling. She wanted to find herself but she checked all the two floors and she still couldn’t find her sixteen-year-old self.

Yes, she remembered how old she was in this memory.

Everyone was having a good time, where the hell was she?

“I bet you will find yourself upstairs…” one twenty-seven said.

Aisha looked at him in confusion as he pointed one finger up in the air.

When Aisha looked up she found herself looking at the ceiling.

She looked at one twenty-seven again with confusion.

He smiled at her and told her to follow him as he went up the stairs.

She did and then she saw that one twenty-seven passed through a door that was leading to the rooftop.

When she went passed through it, she saw her sixteen year old self, sitting down and writing something.

She was a little short, her hair was much curlier and dry and she was very thin, as thin as a stick. She wondered what she was doing there all by herself. She walked closer to herself.

Her cheeks were pink as it was chilly outside and her face was decorated with light brown freckles.

She laughed at herself. She still had her braces and she definitely didn’t know how to do her make up. Her lips had uneven lip gloss on them which didn’t suit her skin tone and her eyeliner was messy.

“you looked cute…” one twenty-seven said as he laughed and she looked at him with a frown.

Her head hurt again and she fell to the floor.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She didn’t fight the pain, instead she decided to let it go.

Chapter 6

A girl entered the roof top all frustrated. The girl started mumbling something and started kicking the air around her.

The girl didn’t notice Aisha sitting in the corner.

“I hate these parties… I swear to god why did I even come here?” the girl said out loud as she ran her fingers through her long silky light brown hair.

Aisha looked at her sixteen-year-old self who was curiously watching the girl and she smiled.

This was a good memory after all.

“remembered something?” one twenty-seven asked her as he stood beside her. Both of them were observing what was happening around them.

Aisha nodded.

“this is where I met my best friend…” she said again with a small giggle.

One twenty-seven smiled along with her.

“that girl who is complaining to herself so much is your best friend? Maaan!” he said and she looked at him and frowned.

“hey! Don’t judge her!” she said and she looked at her best friend again.

“excuse me….” She heard her friend say.

She had finally noticed that there was someone else on the roof top too.

Sixteen-year-old Aisha looked at her and went back to writing something on her book.

“don’t ignore me! I hate being ignored!” her best friend said as she went walking up to sixteen-year-old Aisha.

The sixteen year old Aisha ignored her again and sighed. She got up to get out of that place but the girl stopped her.

“I know you, you are the class topper… I mean you top at everything… what are you even doing here… in a party?”  the girl asked her, all surprised.

“why do you even care?” Sixteen-year-old Aisha replied her coldly.

The girl was taken aback.

“no need to be so rude…I was just trying to be nice….” The girl replied and she saw the book on her hand.
“what is this?” she asked and snatched the book from her to read.

“give that back to me!” sixteen-year-old Aisha shouted.

“ohhhh… its filled with stories, poems and all… you are a writer I see….” She said with a smile.

“none of your business…” said sixteen-year-old Aisha as she snatched her book back from her.

“you didn’t have to come all this way to write you know, you could have done this at your home also…. I mean at a party where you don’t even know anybody…” the girl told her and sixteen-year-old Aisha looked back at her and frowned.

“some people don’t like to be at home either…” sixteen-year-old Aisha mumbled to herself and sat down again

She removed her pen out from her book and started writing again, ignoring the girl.

The girl sat next to her and both of them sat in silence.

“she was such a bother those days….” Aisha told one-twenty-seven with a smile “but she never left me alone after this day”

After what seemed like half an hour, the girl spoke

“maaan! This is boring, come let’s go to my place…”

“why?” sixteen-year old Aisha asked her

“because it would be much fun than sitting here so silently…” the girl said as she got up and gave a hand to sixteen-year-old Aisha to help her up.

“why are you even doing this?” she asked her, looking at the girl’s hand.

“man, you got that self-pity act going strong, haven’t you? Stop trying to be a bitch and just come… stop questioning everything, it’s kind of annoying now…” the girl told her as she shoved her hand a little more toward sixteen-year-old Aisha.

Sixteen-year-old Aisha was contemplating whether to trust her not. Aisha was just observing herself.

Then after what seemed like ages, sixteen-year-old Aisha took the girls hand and got up. The girl smirked.

“my name is Vidya by the way, in case you were wondering…” she said as she started walking, dragging Sixteen-year-old Aisha “and I want to read your stories! Maybe I will find my perfect first script for my first movie…”

“movie?” sixteen year Aisha asked her.

“yeah! I want to be a director when I grow up…” she said with a smile and both of them left the roof top.

“well… that was interesting…” one twenty-seven said as he looked at Aisha.

Aisha smiled.

“my only friend in this world, Vidya Menon” she said.

“very hard headed, stubborn and dominating but she never made me feel lonely…she knew about my family, Nini but she never asked me about them or tried to be that friend who keeps talking about how I shouldn’t be sad or hate them etcetera etcetera…”  she said as she hugged herself looking at the view from the roof top.

“In fact, she made me stronger… she got me out of that hole of self-pity and because of her I actually became a screen writer!” she said and one twenty-seven looked at her with a smile.

“a screen writer huh?” he asked her and she realised what she just said.

Her head hurt again and she clutched it.

A few pieces of her memory came rushing back.

She remembered a boy,

A boy who was very familiar to her.

“Ashwin….” She whispered and she fainted.

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