GOD S02 Chapter 2

” All packed and ready to go !”Her mom gave her a think-once-again look. “ I understand. But this is very important mom. Don’t you want to know how the real heroes of our country fight the battles unlike one person handling many ?” she chuckled.

“ be careful beta ! and think about Rohan . you can’t prolong it for long.” Her mom waved goodbye.

“all right ! ready team ? here we go !” and she left with thousand thoughts racing in her mind.

The journey was long and joyful with desi food, songs and sightseeings. Finally they reached the army camp that’s residing at the border of Nepal and India.

“ we are moving on towards north today. There’s a predictable war and our team needs help” said the chief.

“ okay we will travel all along and cover up”. She was determined to stick to the job that was going to take her channel to a whole new level.

As the army men were packing up she decided to roll her camera towards their efficient work. And at that moment the whole world stopped for Abhinav. He saw deeksha smiling and taking note of what his chief was telling. “ I have gone crazy . what else can I expect from someone who ran away from his life ? ”

And with his determined look he ran over to where he believed Deeksha stood, turned her over and shouted at the top of his voice “ Hey missy ! you know why you are even breathing ? its because I am imagining you as standing here and talking. That’s enough of you interfering with my life. I want you to be out now and forever !! ”

The wired looks from everyone around him spoke that he was in deep trouble.

– Sai Pranavi

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