Who are you? 

She looked at her reflection in the mirror trying to recognise herself. Who was she? Who was this girl? She shouted at the mirror,”Who are you?”. Only angry and hurt eyes looked back at her. She looked deep in those eyes trying to find pieces of herself and failing. Trying to remember what it was like to be herself but all that stared back at her was a strange face. A face she no more recognised. She shouted again,”Who are you?”. Her voice was filled with pain and agony. She could not stop her tears. She was suffering. The pain of losing oneself is greater than losing any one else. And there she was, unable to find herself, feeling that pain. People say life happens. Life did happen to her and she couldn’t survive it. She drowned in all the miseries and sorrows and lost the little girl who was trying to smile among all this. And now the little girl is gone and the pain is intolerable. Her eyes are empty except the pain and desperation to find herself.
This is what happens to all of us. LIFE. As is a common notion life has it’s ups and downs. But we get so immersed in the downs that we lose ourself unable to appreciate the happiness that life gives us. We lose all our hopes and desires and change ourselves. We adapt to the pain and accept it. And there is nothing wrong in that. You must accept what comes. But in accepting that we make ourselves believe that this is all there is. This pain is all we can know. And there is no room for happiness left and no one can be oneself when there is no light. We fail to understand that darkness is only given to you to appreciate the light not forget it. Bear the pain and emerge out stronger. Let your soul drown and then swim to the shore. Survive life don’t die while trying to live it.

Divyam Gandhi

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