GOD S02 Chapter 1

The wind blew harsh in the cold morning. The life he lives now is completely different from what it used to be. The absence of infinite sleep hours, the odd mustache on his face, the routine workouts and his uniform. It was a total unfamiliar version of Abhinav, but who knows when life starts playing its game on you.
“Captain Abhinav on duty Sir.”
“Good Morning Captain Abhinav. I hope you have got the news of the disturbance at the border. I want you to take control of it. See to it that all the check points are safe and cleared. No gun shots without my order. Is it clear?”
“Clear Sir.” He saluted and left the cabin.
Life in Indian Army was too harsh and cold for Abhinav. The rules just made everything worse. But he needed it. After losing all hope in life, it was his Uniform that brought him back. He needed a change. Well, who knew change could be so disturbing sometimes too.
As he walked through the corners of the camp, the sight and ambiance would send shivers down the spine, the vast land of sand, with a constant fear of getting killed. He loved living this way, after losing every single person he loved, he had lost the meaning of life.

As the world changed for Abhinav, so did for Deeksha. However she never heard from him ever. After doing her Masters in Journalism she too became the daredevil, uncovering the disastrous and most volatile political cases. She rose in her position quite soon. From a journalist to the editor of a news channel.
A new assignment was on way for her. She had to cover the life of Army men at the border. Seemed interesting at first, but was a tough job too.

It took her days to decide.
Its true that life is nothing but a game, everyone at different levels, dealing with the same hell, just different devils.

Is fate going to play another cheap game with their lives again? Is it gonna be the same cruel laugh that fate is gonna have?

Parveen Sultana

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