Sleep? Or the Lack of it?

​Sleep. Ah, the essence of the word which means the world to us! Such has been the state of our generation that we are that sleep is like a forbidden fruit to us now.

Irony is that even I am writing this article after sleeping for just 4 hours. Now now, people will start judging me already by pressing that I was able to sleep for 4 whole hours!! This line, my folks, explains the entirety of my article really.

Why is the present generation adrift of sleep? Crushing work pressure, no doubt. But also, the fact that we tend to spend so much time on our phones and laptops in our spare time. Well, now whatever people may balk about spare time not being there, please, look at Mr. Narendra Modi, the Indian PM. He has a 13-hour workday, and still gets the time to do yoga.

So, for us common folk, WhatsApp usage should be reduced. Wait, what? Yeah okay, people cannot live without WhatsApp these days, myself included. Instagram? Snapchat? But hey, what about my “Stories”? Not possible.

Then where should be the ‘discounting’ be done in order to get more sleep? Probably, keeping a li’l old keypad phone may just do the trick. Put the SIM in there, and use it for calls and messages that come your way. Then, at least, to some extent, usage of your smartphone would reduce. And believe me, that helps. A lot.

You may ask though, why did I myself sleep for only four hours, despite incorporating these changes? That’s the life of a hostel student, amigos. It was three hours before. Now, its four. An achievement in itself.

One last thing. The word insomnia seems to have become oh-so-cool these days. Ditch that word from your dictionary, and the mind will be at peace with the idea of sleep, once again.

Because believe me, “#latenights, #insomnia…” do not, and will never be cool. It’s a disorder, and not something your physician would be too proud of. 

What's your point of view?

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