The Point of No Return

Time never stops. Nor does it come back. This is a fact that most of us know, yet never think about it. This fact is so much natural that we don’t even give its consequences an ounce of our time. Most of us live our life as something that is just… natural. We don’t think what our live stands for. Why do we have a life. How does it affect us and others around us. We simply keep on doing what we want and take the consequences of our acts for granted. We remain ignorant to the flow of time so much that we take every result of our actions to be inevitable.

There is a certain process of how our works get implemented into ours and others’ lives. It might even be seen as a definite algorithm. And in this algorithm, there is a point of no return. This point signifies the moment in your life after which no matter how much you try, you cannot revert the things you did. For most of us, we never try to  see this point. Either we accept an incident and move on, or we get defeated and stop attempting further.

If you sit and contemplate, and find out where that point stands for you in your timeline, you can live your life accordingly. The key is to find the balance point. If you find it, you’ll achieve the perfect balance between enjoying your life and making it stand for something.




-Gyan Akarsh

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