You can be at the Top

Everyone knows someone who is a “genius”. You must have come across several people who you consider to be “brilliant”. They are among the top in every area you look at. They are the best in any field you want to try for yourself. But you know that they are the ‘Toppers’ and you can never reach the same level they are at, so you stop trying.

Well folks, I’ve got some very basic facts that may tell you that everything I told above was absolute crap. We are all educated people and we believe in science. And science tells us that every single human present on the earth has the same brain with same limits.

So, the question arises, what makes the ‘Toppers’ different? The answer is so simple you might laugh at it. But let’s face it. There might be a few ‘toppers’ who have slightly better IQ than a normal human being, but the thing that creates the line, the thing that separates them from the rest, the thing that takes them up to the summit, is nothing but hard work.

Surprised? No Pandora’s secret? Well, that is the reality. Wherever the ‘toppers’ are right now, it is only due to one thing – hard work.

Now tell me one thing, since all of us have (more or less) the same biological build, can’t we all work hard?

The answer is simple yet again. We can work hard, but we choose not to. That is the real thing separating the ‘Toppers’ from you. If you can overcome this little barrier, you are the ‘Topper’.

Gyan Akarsh

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