TLS Chapter 3 & 4


                         Chapter 3

“phew!” one twenty-seven whistled. “I guess you were one of the rich kids.”

They stood outside a huge mansion. The girl didn’t like the house. She had this feeling in her gut that she never liked this place and she didn’t want to go inside. She clutched her stomach lightly, she was nervous. She hated that she was nervous, because this was supposed to be her life. She didn’t understand why she had forgotten everything in first place.

Did she have such a bad life that her brain was trying so hard to forget?

She had clutched her head a little, she felt a slight pain on the back of her head.

“Should we go in?” one twenty-seven asked her.

She looked at him with a worried face. She stood in her place while he took a step forward.

“Why are you hesitating so much?” he asked her as he looked back.

“You can’t do anything to change it, remember you are already dead. So, you have to face it anyways” he told her with a stern voice.

She looked at him and she looked at her feet. She was feeling restless.

She looked at the mansion again. It was huge, painted white and decorated with antique windows with vines growing along the side.

The fountain, the flowers went so well with the mansion.

The place looked so peaceful around, she couldn’t believe she had lived here.

And she also couldn’t believe the fact that she didn’t like this place at the same time.

“we don’t have time!” he said again and he walked in through the door without opening it.

She looked at him disappearing behind the door.

Then she remembered, she was dead, so was he. She didn’t understand why her mind took so much time to register that she wasn’t alive.

She followed him and she was greeted with a beautiful house, black and white marble floors and decorated with a huge chandelier in the roof.

Yup, she was very rich indeed.

But the furniture was broken, there were glass pieces on the floor, broken vases on the dining table and everything was messed up.

It looked like someone had broken into the house and tried to break everything that they could find.

“NO! this is outrageous!” she heard a voice coming from one of the rooms inside, a woman’s voice.

The girl followed the voice, it felt so similar.

“I can’t deal with all this, look at what you have done!” this time it was a man’s voice which also felt so familiar.

She hurried in, she had to know who they were.

There in a room that looked like a kitchen she saw a woman who looked like her, except old and a hair colour that was much lighter then hers and a man whose eyes that were just like her.

A pain rushed through her head and she fell down to the floor. She clutched her head. It hurt so bad. She couldn’t breathe, she just screamed.

Bits and pieces of her memories came rushing back. She recognised those faces. They were always present in her life.

She remembered them and she remembered this particular day.

She opened her eyes, trying to supress through the pain.

“it’s easier if you just let it flow, stop fighting, it would hurt less…” one twenty-seven said as he kneeled down to her right and clutched her shoulder.

The girl listened to him and she took a deep breath.

“don’t fight…” she heard one twenty-seven as he squeezed her shoulders a little.

She closed her eyes and she saw the same two people standing there in the kitchen, fighting. The woman was throwing things around and the man kept screaming at her.

Tears flowed from her eyes like a river, she couldn’t stop them.

She opened her eyes and looked at one twenty-seven.

“they are my parents…” she said and he nodded

“do u remember them?” he asked her and she nodded.

They were still fighting in front of her. Her mother had some bruises in her hand, that were fresh and blood was oozing out of it.

Her father on the other hand looked sick, like he was tired. He was dressed up in a nice, perfect tailored suit.

She looked at them fighting and started crying again.

She knew why they were fighting but she wished she didn’t remember it.

Suddenly a small girl that looked like a mini version of her came rushing to the kitchen.

“Nini! Mumma is bleeding…” the girl said to a lady who was behind her. The lady looked like she was in her mid-forties. The small girl tried to run to her mother but the woman she called Nini held her and didn’t let her go. The small girl was fighting against Nini’s grip, calling for the mother.

Both the parents ignored the child and started fighting again.

‘that’s me…’ she said and she looked at Nini and smiled.

She remembered Nini too. She felt so warm and happy inside seeing Nini.

“Nini, take Aisha back to the room…” her mother told Nini.

“Aisha….” The girl said and she clutched her head again. It hurt much more this time.

She couldn’t bear the pain. She screamed and one twenty-seven started calling out for her.

Her vision became blur and then everything went blank.


                      Chapter 4

Aisha woke up again in the same garden before she had gone inside the mansion.

The mansion was again a few yards in front of her.

This time her head felt light, like a huge burden had been taken off her shoulders.

For a minute, she didn’t remember where she was.

She was dead and she just saw her parents and Nini.

“so Aisha huh?” one twenty-seven asked her. He was sitting beside her and he smiled at her little bit.

She nodded at him and she made herself sit upright.

“what all do you remember now? Do you remember how you died?” he asked her, hopefully.

“no, but I remember my childhood” she said and she looked back at the mansion.

“my name is Aisha Juneja, my father was Vikas Juneja, one of the richest man in India and my mother Sarah Juneja was the former Miss World. They used to be in love once a upon a time, but that love turned into hate and I was just a nuisance. They remain married to each other because of me. My mother missed her modelling days and my father was always busy with work. Even though that house is one of the most beautiful houses in this city, it was filled with agony and hate. The only person who loved me inside that house was Nini…”

“Nini….?” One twenty-seven asked her.

Aisha smiled.

“Nini was my nanny but she was more like a grandmother to me, she took care of me. She was the one who raised me. My mother always left me alone with Nini and she would go out with her friends and come home drunk…”

“what we saw today was one of those typical fights my parents had, my mother would throw things around the house, breaking everything and my father would just stand there and let her do what she wants to do, he was always tired of fighting with her…”

“what else do you remember?” one twenty-seven asked her.

“I was the child that they never wanted, and all I remember is them fighting all the time…” Aisha said with a sad smile.

One twenty-seven didn’t say anything. He didn’t know what to say and she didn’t expect him to. I mean what’s left?



She was already dead.

She looked at that mansion again.

She hated that mansion. She hated her days spent in that mansion.

They were a perfect family to the media and everyone outside. Her mother and father used to act like they were so much in love at all those and social gatherings they used to drag her to, but she Nini and all the other servant who worked in the house knew what was really happening inside the house.

She had always cried.

She tried to get her parents attention.

She came first in everything- from academics to sports, from drama to spelling bee.

Her parents still never appreciated her. But they were happy that they could portray to the world that Aisha Juneja was a child prodigy and she was keeping up the family name.

The way her mother would talk about her in front of her friends, like she loved her from the bottom of her heart but all she did at home was make sure Aisha was dressed properly and she had eaten her food on time. But for that also she was always dependent on Nini.

They never showed her the love that Nini had given her.

She was grateful to Nini. Nini would take her out whenever her parent’s fighting got worse.

And during those parties that her mother always used to host every weekend, Nini would make sure she was having a good time too, dancing along with her, cracking jokes on how these people looked like idiots and Nini would always take her the garden when the parties used to get boring.

Aisha loved the roses on the garden because of Nini. Nini made sure that they were groomed properly.

Nini was always there for her. Her school events when she would win those medals to the annual day functions when her parents couldn’t come because they were busy.

But Nini didn’t live long. Nini died just before she turned sixteen.

Nini couldn’t take care of her after she turned twelve. She was diagnosed with cancer and Aisha spent most of her days in the hospital, taking care of Nini.

Her parents were furious that they were paying for Nini’s treatment but Aisha fought with them every day.

It was the least they could do for her, Nini practically raised Aisha

Aisha cried again, she covered her face with her hands and cried.

She couldn’t bear Nini’s death. She couldn’t live in that house after Nini died.

Everything changed after Nini died.

One twenty-seven patted her back lightly.

“I told you before and I am going to tell you again, you can’t do anything to change it…. The only thing you could do is prepare yourself to face it okay?” he said but this time his eyes weren’t stern but they showed sympathy.

Aisha nodded and wiped her tears away.

“now what? I only remember my childhood….” She asked him and he sighed.

“I thought you would have remembered everything once you had been to this place but it seems like it’s going to take more work…”

He took out the same card that he had taken out before and checked through something else.

“what is that?” she asked him and he looked at her smiled. That smile always manged to bring a pink tinge to her face.

She was somewhat glad she had one twenty-seven with her. He was understanding and he kind of always knows what to say and when to say it.

“I can’t tell you yet…” he said and he kept the card back into this pocket.

“close your eyes…” he told her and she did. She trusted him blindly and she didn’t question him even once.

She felt a small pain on her shoulder and she fainted again.

(To be continued)

Bhargavi Ravi

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