Is weed your coping mechanism? 

Legal? Not legal? Better than cigarettes?
Good? Bad?
Well this isn’t a judgement on that.

What this is, is a question.

A question, which asks you is a high what you need to get through exams?

Is the high a necessity to deal with that stress?

Is a high the basic requirement of a as I like to refer to them as, a pot head to get through the minute stress of what is in fact just a tiny part of your life?

Like I said, I’m not here to judge if doing weed is a good thing or not, but I do want to say is doing weed as a mechanism to cope with your stress is a horrible cowardice.

Deal with stress like you deal with pain. You fight through it.

Smoke weed, but to not to get away from stress.

Again I’m not saying weed is the path to enjoyment, it certainly is one of them for a few people.

Do not make weed your coping mechanism.

Abhijit Krishna Menon

What's your point of view?

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