Alcohol. Why you do this? 

There is a noticeably sharp rise in the stress levels of students during exam time (of course, no mention!). But there also, arises, the so called “heavenly drink” that keeps students well, inebriated.

Alcohol. Oh, Black label, White label, God knows how many labels to ensure students stay away from stress. But the fancy with this alcohol thing induces something else too, which ain’t that welcome. Chillin’ is not that thrillin’ here.

The unwelcome thing? Getting hooked to these alcoholic drinks gives rise to what I call the “Devdas Phenomenon.” Nice, unhealthy thoughts about the professor and his handwriting and why he did not teach the topic which is that important for the exam. Also, the thoughts of Naren snagging Riya from Aryan doesn’t sit well.

Now now, okay, for passive drinkers, no such thoughts, but it just bumps up the stress level rather than the relief level when they come to know the alcohol they just drank didn’t have too much of an effect on their Nervous System did it? The only thing that the beer or whisky did in the end was to increase the already heightened stress levels to heights that even the greatest heights and distances problem in trigonometry wouldn’t reach at.

Alcohol only induces the Devdas Phenomenon, rather than the chill pill.

Hence the next time you look at the Carlsberg or the Johnnie Walker advert, remember, that our very own ‘garam chai’ is probably just a little saner than those two, for your exams’ sake.

-Anirudh Bhagavatula

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