The Lost Soul

                              Chapter 1

“Hello?” the girl said. 
She found her self-surrounded by four white walls, with not even a spec of dirt or colour on them.

“Come and sit here…” said an old woman who looked like she was in her forties.

The woman was wearing huge round shaped spectacles which made her eyes look big.

She was also wearing a white robe and her hair was neatly tied in a bun. 

The woman was sitting on a white chair, with a white table in front of her and she was writing something in a white book with a white pen. 

Why was everything white here? The girl wondered.

The girl slowly walked towards the woman and sat on the chair opposite to the one she was sitting on.

“Who are you?” the girl asked and the woman looked at her and sighed.

“Where am I?” the girl asked again but the woman didn’t answer.

The girl was confused. She couldn’t remember anything. Not even her own name. She felt lost, hopeless and something was suffocating her from the inside.

How can I not remember my own identity? She asked herself.

The woman stopped writing and looked at the girl.

“I am here to determine what will happen to you…” the woman replied, looking at the girl without any emotion.

“What…what do you mean?” the girl asked her with fear and confusion. What was the woman trying to tell her?

“Oh god, we have a memory loss case here!” the lady said with disappointment. She sighed again like she had extra work to do because of the girl.

The girl tried to read her face,

Was this a joke? Was someone playing a cruel prank on her? She wondered.

The lady massaged her temples with her fingers in frustration and looked at the girl 

“You are dead my dear…” she said without any emotion.

“Dead…?” the girl whispered.

 How can she be dead? 

How did she die?



The girl’s brain screamed with panic but she didn’t show it out. She tried to keep a straight face.

She tried but she couldn’t. 

“yes, and I am here to determine what happens to you… if your soul has everything that it needs to rest in peace…” the woman replied.

“Rest…. rest in pe…peace…but how? When? Why?” the girl started mumbling.

She still hadn’t registered the part that she was dead, now the woman wanted to determine if she can be in peace?

The girl could suddenly remember, a memory came rushing through her head. 

She was screaming, crying in her memory.

She clutched onto her head and screamed.

 The memory caused her pain.

It felt like her brain was trying too hard to forget whatever that happened to her, delete all her memories and make sure she forgets them.

“It seems you are trying to forget yourself… I can’t let that happen… I need you to remember whatever that happened to you… your entire lifetime…” the woman said, this time with little bit of sympathy.

“Re…Remem…remember?” the girl asked, stuttering.

“Yes dear try…” the woman said as she the girl’s hand in her own.

The girl closed her eyes and tried to remember,

Remember who she was but all she had was that memory.

That memory that caused her pain. Made her feel empty inside.

“I…I can’t…” she said.

The woman sighed and massaged her temples again.

“I hate memory loss cases…” the woman mumbled to herself angrily.

“Well, I can’t write your name in this register unless you remember something so I have no choice” She said and suddenly there was a knock and a door opened out of nowhere.

The girl blinked in surprise, she never noticed the door. It was perfectly camouflaged within the white walls. 

A young man who looked like he was in his twenties came inside with a huge grin on his face.

“You called sixty two?” he said looking at the lady.

“Yes one twenty seven… you need to take her assessment…” she said.

The girl was confused. They were referring to each other through numbers.

One twenty seven looked at her and gave her a smile. It was a sympathetic smile.

“She looks young… oh well…come on…” he said.

He gestured her with his hand to follow him.

The girl blinked at him and she looked at sixty two who was just frustrated.

“Go with him… what you are waiting for?” sixty two told her and the girl got up and followed behind one twenty seven.

He stopped just outside the door and he looked at her.

“Sorry…” he said 

And suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder everything went black.

                              Chapter 2

“Wake up kid” he said as he tried to wake her up.
The girl opened her eyes and saw one twenty seven’s face so close to her. She blushed. 

Why do I remember him but not anything about myself? She wondered.

The girl blinked at him and one twenty seven helped her up. She found herself in a garden. It was a beautiful one with a water fountain right in between and had roses of different colours spread out neatly in the borders. 

She felt like she knew this place, like she has been here before a million times.

She felt a small pain rush through her head and she clutched her head involuntarily.

One twenty seven patted her head softly.

She looked at him. He was smiling at her and she blushed.

 One twenty seven was a good looking guy. He was young, maybe in his late twenties, who had light brown cat eyes, he was probably five feet nine inches tall and he had jet black silky hair with a tanned brown skin that made his features stand out. His jawline was perfect and he didn’t have that much muscle in his body but he had a good physique.
“We don’t have names once we die… we call each other by numbers” he told her. 

He sat down on the grass and made her sit next to him.

“Why not?” she asked him but she couldn’t look into his eyes instead she observed his silky shiny hair.

“Because, we all belonged to a different religion when we used to live but once we die, we are all the same…. Souls that need to go to their rightful place…move on….” He said and she looked into his eyes this times. 

It was mesmerizing for her. His eyes showed purity and his smile showed that he cared. 

She felt warm and safe with him, unlike the woman before, with whom she felt insecure and scared.

“So… you are the one hundred twentieth person who died?” she asked him 

He smiled at her question and tapped her forehead with his fingers. 

She frowned.

“No you idiot! I work for the soul society, there are currently some thousand people working there, when I died, the previous one twenty seven decided it was time for him to move on, so I took his place” he said smiling at her.

“So… you don’t want to move on?” she asked him but he didn’t reply. His eyebrows suddenly tensed and he made a weird expression, as if he was contemplating whether to answer her question or not.

She felt bad, she shouldn’t have asked him that.

“Yeah, I don’t know… but the good thing about working for the soul society is you don’t age and you can help other people you know?” he said with a small smile.

She just looked at him. She couldn’t figure him out. But she didn’t want to.

She wanted to know who she was, know about her identity and how she ended up dead.
“Where are we?” she asked breaking the comfortable silence between them.

“Oh… right! I totally forgot about the mission, we have only forty eight hours left to get back your memories…” he said and he removed a five by five inches card from his pocket.

He checked something through it and he kept it back.

“It seems like an easy case…. Come… let’s take a look at your childhood…” he said with a smile as he started walking off to a house that was a few yards in front of them.

She didn’t notice the house till now, it seemed like it appeared out of nowhere.

The house felt familiar and she had this strange feeling in her gut that she wasn’t going to like what she was about to see.

Bhargavi Ravi

11 thoughts on “The Lost Soul

  1. I really like how even though they’ve been given numbers instead of names, the characters aren’t shallow and that everyone still has a story although they might be reluctant to share it.
    She seems a bit scrambled at the moment and her thoughts are very basic but since we can link it to her general confusion, I’ll say it’s going ok.
    And yes, it does make you want more. 🙂 I feel like we’re going to slowly start understanding the girl as she finds herself and I’m really interested to know what she’s like.


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