GOD S01 Chapter 15

He broke up with the girl who loved him for the girl he loved.And now, the girl for whom he happily defied his instincts was now going to be in another man’s arms. This thought sent his neurons splintering into millions of different directions, each turning into a dead end. He did not know what to do. Rather, he wondered if this was it.

Since the time Abhinav met Deeksha again, she kept waiting in his pursuit, he now realised. And he did something that was absolutely ludicrous. ‘I BETRAYED HER! WHY GOD WHY?’ This thought was starting to eat away at him and as a result, his work rate dropped, he started reporting sick, life started spiralling and spinning into a nervous cocoon. 

This made Deeksha sit up and take notice. She realised that day had a completely opposite effect on him.

Not something that would evoke a bold response from him. And while she was indeed hooked on to the idea of marriage, she never thought that her perspectives, and her life, would take a serious turn.

What would she tell Rohan? Tinkering the platinum ring on her index finger, she delved as to what she could do.

She picked up the phone in an anxiety to see who left those missed calls. Rohan.

What now?

She picked up her phone and called him, hoping he would understand.

The phone rang thrice, and he picked it up.

-Anirudh Bhagavatula 

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