GOD S01 Chapter 14

With wide eyes and an open mouth, he kept staring at her with utmost surprise.“Ok Senior, tell me what are you gonna teach us today”, he managed to utter. And they got back to work.

Life got busy with the same schedule. Home-work-home. He never tried another day, to bring up that topic. They were back to being strangers, again.

Diwali mood was around the corner, the occasion of love and lights. It was chaos in the office, sweets were being distributed, the whole office was decorated with fairy lights.

He could see her from a distance.

Yeah, Red was always her colour. The colour of her saree, her high heels and her red lips. He just couldn’t take his eyes off her. 

“Happy Diwali guys”, Deeksha said. Her voice was enough to cheer everyone around. 

The eyes kept staring at her, his lips longed for the touch, the same smile, the same warmth.

But there was something lacking. A sense of ignorance killed him from inside. There was something wrong that day, he could feel it.

There was something in her hand, an envelope. Clear white. 

“Guys, am getting married. Finally”, she said.

And his heart sank again, yet another time.

– Parveen Sultana

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