Feeding off fear

There’s a saying that goes, the more you’re afraid of a ghost, the scarier the ghost becomes. True? 

Well I’m not much of a supernatural believer myself but let’s just replace a ghost with something and read that again. 

The more afraid you are of something, the scarier that something gets, and that right there is the deepest philosophy you’re ever going to get. 

Afraid of exams? Don’t be. 

Scared of bullies? Don’t be. 

Worried sick about getting into an accident while driving drunk? Okay well you could scratch that one. 

But yeah you do get the point. 

Life throws challenges at us in huge boxes. You could either dodge those boxes or catch and open them to see the surprise that lies inside. 

Stop being so afraid and get work done. You’ll see things aren’t scary at all. You’ll see maybe everything is not the nun in conjuring and mostly just someone behind the mask like in scooby doo. 

Don’t let your ghost, feed off your fear. 

Cheers 🙂 

-Abhijit Krishna Menon

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